North Houston Gastroenterology Clinic (NHGC)

Houston Colon Cancer Screening Center (HCCSC)

Here at North Houston Gastroenterology Clinic (NHGC) and Houston Colon Cancer Screening Center (HCCSC), we offer many conveniences that put you first.  Most patients do not need to be referred by their doctor, and we can usually schedule your appointment within a day or two.

Our waiting room, multiple exam rooms, infusion therapy suite and research center are all in the same facility just steps away from each other.

Cost saving measures also include controlling fees for pathology and anesthesia thus reducing the number of claims.  We have a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist on staff who administers sedation.  This allows Dr. Winston to be fully focused on your endoscopic procedure. Our goal is to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.  We perform all of our procedures at Texas Out Patient Surgical hospital just blocks from our office.

Same day operative reports.

After being screened for colorectal cancer, you want to get your test results as soon as possible. Dr. Winston understands this, which is why he will provide you with a complete report of your exam along with key images. He will also send a copy to your doctor promptly and make himself available should they have any questions.